Benefiting student members

Depending on your area of study and career plans, a membership with BPW can do several things for you:
  1. Provide you with an 'instant' network of business professionals that may be able to assist you in finding internships, job opportunities, or provide you with real-world advice on how to get where you are going.

  2. By attending monthly meetings, you will get to hear speakers on a wide variety of topics focused on professional development.  The tools you learn from these presentations will provide you with information to apply as you move forward on your academic and career path.

  3. BPW is a wonderful resource for learning about and getting involved in local business events and community projects. 

The best way to benefit from your membership is by being involved.

We are an all-volunteer run organization with plenty of opportunities to use and build your skills by participating on a committee or as a committee chair. 

As you build your resume, this type of real world experience is extremely valuable, and can be gained in a supportive environment with business women that are there to help each other succeed!
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