BPW Triangle Board and Chairwomen Expectations

Our Executive Board and Chairwomen, are Entrusted with the Leadership of our Chapter

BPW Triangle Board Members are an Ambassador for our chapter; it is our responsibility to provide leadership, and to be a role model for our members, get to know our members on a personal and professional level and to grow our chapter.  As Board/Chair members we embrace our chapter’s mission, we can share our chapter’s history, and we communicate our mission to those inside & outside our chapter.

For the 2016/17 year, we understand that we are in the beginning of restructuring our chapter and we will need to get in the trenches with our committees to provide solid leadership and understand the desires of our members. The long-term goal is to operate at the 30,000 ft. level while, the committees work at the ground level.  However, during our period of change, re-branding and restructuring, we know that we will need to be much more involved with the everyday operations of our chapter.  We are currently working on creating a written process that can be embraced by our members and can be adopted and built upon by future BPW Triangle Board members.   

The Committee Chair is the key to the success of the committee; a Board/Chair member must be strong and a good communicator. The expectations of the committee must be clear. An effective committee structure give our members many opportunities to get involved and engaged. 

Committee work provides opportunities for members to get leadership experience and work toward serving in a role on the Board. A successful committee has established goals, an action plan with metrics and an evaluation strategy, and they come back to the Board to help make recommendations to the Board to enhance our chapter.

BPW Triangle is a non-profit organization and all Board/Chair/Committee members volunteers their time to enhance, grow and maintain our chapter.  We thank each and everyone of our leadership team and their committees for their time, energy and ideas.  This year has proven to be a true labor of love.  We are so excited that you are on this journey together. 

BPW Triangle Board & Chair Expectations for 2016/17:

  • Board members: commit to a full year of service
  • Attend 85% monthly meetings + board meetings
  • $95 membership fee + cost to attend meetings
  • Expected hours of volunteer time per month ranges from 6-8 hours (approx breakdown):
    • 1 hour per week working on your project (4 hours)
    • 1 hr per month for Board meeting
    • 2 hours for monthly BPW monthly meeting
    • Support & attend social events
  • Each Board Member is to create their own team to full implement their agenda
  • Board members should be to recruit 3-5 new members during the year
  • All Board members are required to assist with marketing and programming
  • Promote BPW mission & meetings 
  • Board members are expected to contribute to the monthly newsletter by supplying regular and up-to-date content
  • Members are expected to act as a hostess at all monthly, social and board meetings
  • Board Members are creating a process to hand off next year to the new board
  • Additional duties to be confirmed over the summer

Executive Committee & Board of Directors 2016/17, with voting rights:

  • Co-President: Marcy Stahl & Mikki Kline
  • President-Elect: N/A this year
  • Vice President of Membership: Donna Daniels
  • Vice President of Programs: Amelia Davey 
  • Secretary: Margaret King-Bolar
  • Treasurer: Karen Boardman

Board of Directors 2016/17, with voting rights:

  • Marketing – Danielle L. Baldwin
  • Legislative - Teresa Nichols
  • Social Chair - Andrea Taggart
  • Scholarship - Karen Warner
  • Legislation – Kelly Thompson
  • Mentorship – Bernadine Boler

Open positions not currently filled:

  • Finance (Helps with the budget and financial oversight)
  • Promotions Chair
  • Social Media Chair


By Robert's Rules, the Executive Committee (with the exception of the President) and the Board of Directors have a vote on important issues brought before the group.  The President does not vote unless there is a tie on vote, and she needs to serve as the tie breaker. 


Quorum - A quorum as defined by the Raleigh bylaws is having 50% of the voting members in attendance.  This is where it is important to know who is on the EC and BoD to make sure we can vote on a motion.

Motions – This includes:

a) Placing the names into nomination

b) Approving the budget at the first meeting of the year.  Usually, whoever prepares the budget writes the motion.

c) Doing activities that require expenditures not on the budget. For example, you decide to conduct a new project that will take $100, and we did not know about the project until September.  I would suggest a motion to do the project and amend the budget to include the $100 expenditure.

d) All Board of Directors (Standing Committee Chairs) needs to be appointed by motion because they are not elected.  So, someone on the EC (other than the President because she cannot make a motion) will need to write a motion and bring it to the first business meeting.  It would include the name and the position the person will hold.  The EC are the only members who are elected.  The others are appointed by motion. 

An example of something that doesn't need a motion - We spend money for Wild Apricot every year to renew.  The first time it was decided the Club would use Wild Apricot and commit the funds, we had a motion.  As long as the expenditure is in subsequent budgets, we do not need a motion each year to pay the bill. 

Mostly, the point of motions is to document decisions and actions of the Board.  Since the motions are what are posted in the minutes and members have access to see the minutes, it is a check and balance. We tried not to let the rules hinder movement/progress; it's important to document . Robert's Rules were designed with a tilt toward offering all members the right to have a voice whether they be board members or general members. There are ways to work within this structure that are not onerous or difficult for our new members.  

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